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  Departure: Everyday
  Rate: 380$ - 1600$

Day 1: Hanoi - Mai Chau, ~160 km, ~5 hours, (L, D)

Leaving Hanoi on dyke roads to avoid the heavy traffic and breaking out of the delta plains we pass through endless limestone karst scenery as we travel south through "Perfume Pagoda" country and extensive farming lands comprising a sea of paddy fields split by tree-lined roads. Striking northwest and over two passes, finally dropping down to the mountain valley settlement of Mai Chau. Here we stay overnight with friends of the White Thai minority in a traditional stilt house. In the evening, after feasting, we can enjoy a cultural show of Thai dancing and a range of special local liquors. Overnight in Mai Chau.

Day 2: Mai Chau - Phu Yen. ~140 km, ~5 h (B, L, D)

We go from Mai Chau to the direction of Moc Chau and turn to the less traveled Road 43 leading to the Da River. After crossing the reservoir of Da river at Van Yen ferry, we ride on a beautiful winding secondary road until Phu Yen where we stay in a guest-house.

Day 3: Phu Yen - Son La, ~160 km, ~6 hours, (B, L, D)

Continuing on the almost empty Road 37 we enter mountains heavily populated with Black Thai people, who work on large terraced rice fields. The winding road passes through many Thai villages and fields and provides a great opportunity to watch country life passing by. We continue through rolling hills before rising up to the sugar cane growing areas on the cooler Son La plateau. Overnight in Son La.

Day 4: Son La - Tuan Giao, ~140 km, ~5 hours, (B, L, D)

Heading out northwest from Son La, the road crosses a series of mountain passes and areas of busy Black Thai activity. Children walk to school, kids tend buffaloes, women plant rice seedlings and men pull the buffalo. Then we come to the beginning of the very long and steep Pha Din Pass where at the top we have vast views of the surrounding mountains, then down the other side on very steep sealed road. Overnight in Tuan Giao.

 Day 5: Tuan Giao - Sin Ho, ~180 km, ~6 hours, (B, L, D)

Heading out northwest from Tuan Giao the road passes isolated communities of Hmong and Thai people, whose small villages settle on the banks of dark green rivers and on the steep slopes of the mountains. After lunch by a forest stream the road begins to climb up the high Sa Tong pass. At the top for sunset before dropping sharply into the deep Lai Chau Valley. Muong Lay town was sunk in early 2010 and our new place for overnighting is Sin Ho, a small remote town.

Day 6: Sin Ho - Sapa, ~120 km, ~4 hours, (B, L, D)

We head straight toward the main Fansipan Mountain range. There is also the option for a very challenging back route which takes us through several river crossings. The massive mountain range dominates the road until finally we must make a splendid climb up from Binh Lu and up to the top of the highest road pass in Vietnam (Tram Ton Pass). Crossing into Lao Cai Province at over 2,000m the views looks out over the main range for miles and miles, before we descend to the mountainous Sapa Valley. Overnight in Sapa.

Day 7: Sapa, trek or relax (B, L, D)

Depending on the group's mood, we can either take it easy in Sapa Town , or make excursions back to the top of the highest pass in Vietnam, or down deep into the amazing Sapa valley. All options are dominated by the crest of the enormous Fansipan mountain range that looms over 2,000 metres above us. The entire region is populated by Hmong, Giay, Tay and Dao people. Stay in Sapa.

Day 8: Sapa - Bac Ha. ~90 km, ~4 h (B, L, D)

The ride from Sapa to Bac Ha takes ~3 hours, down from Sapa to Lao Cai (34 km) and up to Bac Ha (70 km) with stunning landscape. We check in a hotel and have lunch. In the afternoon, we trek to Lung Phinh village. Stay overnight in Bac Ha.

Day 8: Bac Ha - Market - Bac Ha. ~120 km, ~5 h (B, L, D)

Market of Bac Ha: true riot of colour where flower H'mong carry out the dance. It is a superb and merry show but becomes oppressive about 10-11h with the massive arrival of the tourists. It is time to leave!

Day 9: Bac Ha - Luc Yen - Vu Linh. ~150 km, ~5 h (B, L, D)

We start the day by strolling around Bac Ha to meet with many ethnic villages in this area. We then move towards the lake Thac Ba. From Bac Ha to Luc Yen, the road is easy and sealed all the way. After Luc Yen, we take a small dirt track bordered by palm trees, in the middle of the karsts. A boat is waiting to take us across the lake of Thac Ba while skirting northern bank (3 hours). We arrive at Vu Linh, a traditional village of Dao where we sleep in the family of our friends. The welcome is exceptional.

Day 10: Vu Linh - Ba Be. ~180 km, ~8 h (B, L, D)

Quite a long drive but easy (early departure is better) from Vu Linh to Ba Be (~250 km). Ba Be is a nice stop and it is good to arrive the first day to have a full day (of the second) day there. However, if you feel like resting before, it is all the time possible to stop 50 km before Ba Be. The place before Ba Be is Na Khan, a village of Tay people lost in the forest.

Day 11: Ba Be. (B, L, D)

Easy boating on the lake and river. Go to market (if it is the day you arrive). Stop at waterfall, beautiful swim…Ong pirate, the chef of Dau Dang waterfall where we enjoy dinner. Down the waterfall, we could visit the village and a small school (only few pupils during the summer). We propose to stay in the stilt house of Tay people for the second night.

Day 12: Ba Be - Quang Hoa. ~170 km, ~8 h (B, L, D)

Cross  Ba be Lake to come back to our captain's house. Beautiful ride up to Cao Bang province. Few passes from where you can dominate the area. The road is easy but many curves. We can stop a lot. All together, stop for drinks and food it should be an 8-hour journey. Then ride 1 more hour to reach the beautiful village of Quang Hoa, in the middle of a mountain cirque. This is the territory of Nung An people. Spend the night in our friend's house.

Day 13: Quang Hoa. ~30 km, ~1 h (B, L, D)

Na Tau is a completely unknown area that we propose to discover it by raft and motorbike. Rivers and waterfalls everywhere are extremely beautiful and wild. It is only 15 km from Quang Hoa.

Day 14: Quang Hoa. ~100 km, ~3 h (B, L, D)

Having obtained permission from the border police, we make our way through spectacular scenery to Vietnam's most impressive waterfalls. Weather permitting we can swim right up to where the 50 m high falls hit the river.

Day 15: Quang Hoa - Mau Son. ~180 km, ~6 h (B, L, D)

Ride from Quang Hoa to Lang Son. Continue driving toward the border from Lang Son to Mau Son. Mau Son is 30 km away from Lang Son, 1,541m above sea level. Quite cool in the evening! Night in the guesthouse of Mau Son Resort.

Day 16: Mau Son - Hanoi. ~180 km, ~4 h (B, L)

Promenade around Mau Son in the morning. Ride down to Lang Son to have lunch. The road is asphalted all the way and it takes 3 and half hours to drive back to Hanoi.

B: Breakfast.
L: Lunch.
D: Dinner.


- Motorbike Minsk, all fuel;
- Tour guide / Translator;
- Motor biking protective pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, rain gear, and other safety equipments;
- Sleeping bags, mosquito nets, sheets, pillows and accommodations;
- Third party motorbike insurance;
- All food;
- All entrance fees, permits, tickets, boat trips, ferries, bamboo rafts, etc...
- We also love to celebrate our guests' birthday... well any excuse for a celebration on the open road!

* Personal expenses (such as souvenirs), personal insurance, drinks, train or flight tickets, food and accommodation in Hanoi and tips, are not included in our fee.

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