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Mai chau trekking tour 5 days - 4 nights - visit Tam Coc- whte Thai people 25$-555$

Mai Chau is famous for its beautiful mountains; valleys of the Thai people, Pu Luong has also the same characters of  Mai Chau but still unspoiled and outstanding because of the beauty with diverse biodiversity value, a globally important example of a lowland limestone forest ecosystem, covered by rich tropical forest.

Mai Chau trekking tour 6days - 5 nights - Hang Kia village - Nanh village 198$-352$

In Mai Chau valley, you will have a chance to explore ethnic villages and local markets, sampling regional cuisine and more. The journey then focuses on the "Halong Bay in the rice fields" an area with the amazing looking karst outcroppings, rising out of bright green ricefields. It is a photographers paradise that we will explore by both bike and boat, pedaling and paddling to reach areas beyond the public roads.I

Mai chau trekking tours 3 days - 2nights - boat trip on Ma river 95$-225$

This trip to the Northwest highland of Mai Chau offers a balance of cultural and physical activity set amongst some northern Vietnam?s stunning natural landscape. We trek for one and a half days through villages in Mai Chau and overnight in a White Thai village where we have opportunities to observe the local lifestyle of these minority people. From the mountainous region of Mai Chau, we travel back to the nation capital, Hanoi.

Mai chau trekking tour 3 days - 2 nights, visiting H mong village, white 95$-135$

Mai Chau is the heart of a beautiful valley that is a world away from the hustle and bustle of Ha noi.The modern village is an unappealing sprawl, but as you emerge on the rice fields and rural living it is transformed into a real paradise. It’s a stunning area, and most people here are ethnic White Thai, distantly related to tribes: Thailand, Lao, Campu chia

Mai chau trekking tour 2 days - 1 night 75$-125$

Mai Chau is a mountainous area of outstanding natural beauty, inhabited by a Thai and H’mong ethnic minority groups.This trip offers an easy trek combined with homestay in villages of Thai , where we have opportunities to observe the local lifestyle of these minority people.


Mai chau trekking tour (Fullday) 45$-105$

You will visit Mai Chau with a trekking tour to come to visit the mountainous townlet of the Thai people. It is one of the most picturesque regions of Vietnam’s Northwest - an area with outstanding beauty and biodiversity and worth exploring by foot.

Mai Chau & Pu Luong 3 days 85$-105$

Hanoi - Mai Chau - Bicycle ride - Traditional dance and alcohol - Trekking in Pu Luong Nature Reserve - Hiking - Local market - Hanoi

Hanoi - Lac Village - Hanoi (2 Days) 55$-175$

Mai Chau is renowned for its beautiful scenery as a mountainous region in the northern mountain area of Vietnam. This is where the Thai ethnic minority group is located in Hoa Binh province. Trekking ways will lead you through jungles, rice fields, green lakes or a variety of farms of local inhabitants. 

In Mai Chau valley, there are also national caves and grottoes such as Mo Luong cave, Chieu cave, Pieng Kem grotto, and archaeological sites like Lang cave and Khau Phuc cave. Tourists tend to stop for a long time on the peak of Cun Mountain to contemplate the picturesque panorama of Mai Chau stilt houses and a green carpet of rice. You can even join the people working on the fields and learn how to raise a rice plant.

The star attraction here is a 'homestay' in a stilt house in one of the two ethnic White Thai villages, Ban Pom Coong and Ban Lac. Most travelers choose to stay a night in one of the stilt houses to experience the life of the ethnic people. Night camp fire will make you joyful, special wine will make you drunk and nice songs will bring you sweet dreams.

Thung Nai - Thac Bo (2 Days) 55$-255$

As a small commune beside Da River, of Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province, Thung Nai is about 25 km far from Hoa Binh city and about 110 km from Hanoi. Once upon a time, Thung Nai was a great valley covered by the vast forest, which is home to numerous deer. Hence, the local people call it “Thung Nai” means “the Valley of Deer.”

Thung Nai has become a huge lake containing the water served for the operation of the hydropower plant on Da River since the 1980s when this hydropower plant was constructed. All initial surrounding high mountains become floating green islands and create poetic and magnificent scenery which can enchant any tourist in Vietnam travel. Thung Nai is also considered the inland Ha Long Bay in the North of Vietnam (the first position was taken by Tam Coc- Bich Dong in Ninh Binh province.)

Master Pagoda - Tay Phuong Pagoda - Mia Pagoda (1 Day) 45$-95$

Mia Pagoda, initially called Sung Nghiem Tu, is situated in Mia village, Ba Vi district, Ha Tay province. It was built during the Tran dynasty (1225-1406). The pagoda has 287 statues of all sizes, among which are famous sculptures such as the statue of Buddha in the Himalayas and the statues of Bat Kim Cang Bo (the Eight Vajra Deities). The largest one is the sculpture of Bat Bo Kim Cang located in the upper sanctuary. The pagoda preserves many ancient artifacts such as the great bell made in 1743, the bronze gong (1846) and Lady Mia stone tables, set up in 1632.

Master Pagoda (Thay Pagoda), one of the famous attractions in the vicinity of Hanoi, is also known as Thien Phuc Pagoda and is dedicated to the worship Sakyamuni Buddha and 18 Arhats. The pagoda is on the side of a mountain, surrounded by trees.

Bat Trang Pottery Village (FullDay) 35$-85$
Departure on Mon- Wed - Fri

Located in the middle of the Red River Delta, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, the center of culture, politics, economy and trade of the whole country.

Passing many decades of war, Hanoi has emerged a proud and resilient city, and is now both bustling and prosperous. Coming Vietnam, visitors should not miss out on a holiday in this low-rise city of lakes and peaceful parks. A pleasant, unhurried experience of exploring the historic Old Quarter with its arts and crafts bargains, and strolling the streets of the French Colonial sector are the highlights that Hanoi can offer. Travelers will quickly discover that the Vietnamese capital is full of ancient legends, incredible food and culture. Those with an interest in history will find endless sources of enjoyment, from the numerous landmark buildings to the plentiful museums detailing the city's past. Foodies will be thrilled at their chance to try truly unique cuisine.

Duong Lam Ancient Village - Van Phuc Silk Village (FullDay) 35$-85$

Duong Lam ancient Village has been known as a museum of surviving laterite (red clay formed from weathered basalt found in northern Vietnam) with ancient houses aged up to 400 years old. After the recognition of Hoi An ancient town and Hanoi Old Quarter, Duong Lam was recognized as a national relic in 2005. Visiting Duong Lam is a journey to trace back the origin of Vietnam's culture and its traditions. It is also the great chance to experience unique architecture of ancient houses while wander along its narrow alleys, visit temples of the two kings born there, and chat with locals in their ancient houses.

Perfume Pagoda (Fullday) 45$-185$

Located in Ha Tay province, 70 km southwest of Ha Noi, Chùa Hương (Perfume Pagoda) is one of the most popular religious sites in Vietnam. Chua Huong is the name of a cluster of temple sites in the mountain area of Huong Son in the province of Ha Tay. Chua Huong is famous for the annual pilgrim site of Buddhists.
The visit of Chua Huong it is normally a day trip from Ha Noi. First it takes an approximately 2 hour drive from Ha Noi to Ben Duc pier. Although there is a road from the pier to the base of pagoda complex, using row boats on Yen Vi river which is the more romantic and scenic alternative to reach Chua Huong. The 45 minute boat ride on the Yen River is for some visitors the highlight of the trip.

Hanoi - Babe Lake - Hagiang - Quangbinh - Bacha - Lungkhaunhin - Quanthansan - Nammon (12 Days Trekking) 625$-1225$

Babe national park trekking - boating - Bacha market, Cancau market - Hagiang trekking to village of ethnic minorities - Na hang lake - Dau Nang waterfall - Muong Khuong Village - Nam mon Village

Ha Giang - Meo Vac - Bac Me - Cao Bang - Lang Son (6 Day Adventure) 325$-558$

Hagiang trekking moutain - Meovac local market - Dong van plateau - Ma Li Peng Pass - Ban Gioc waterfall - Nguom ngao Grotto - Lang Son highland - Adventure, homestay

Ha Giang - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Tuyen Quang - Thai Nguyen (6 Days Adventure) 287$-578$

The mountainous areas of Ha Giang, Dong Van, Quang Binh, Meo Vac, Tuyen Quang, Thai nguyen etc...offer breathtaking views of diverse landscapes. These places attract a lot of international travelers where they can get a glimpse of some of the ethnic people of the region...

Hanoi - Mai chau - Son la - Dien bien phu - Sapa - Hanoi (7 Days) 380$-580$

The perfect itinerary and the support crew ensure you get the most out of the trip in terms of comfort, enjoyment and adventure. Discover Vietnam’s rugged and scenic northwest and its people first hand. By taking to the roads and driving from the capital Hanoi to the remote area of the northwest we can see life as it truly is for the Vietnamese. Along the way we encounter dramatic landscapes and sweeping panoramas as the rural population goes about its business. Highlights include the terraced valleys of Sapa, challenging roads, stunning scenery and many different colorful minority groups.


Leaving Hanoi on dyke roads to avoid the heavy traffic and breaking out of the delta plains we pass through endless limestone karst scenery as we travel south through "Perfume Pagoda" country and extensive farming lands comprising a sea of paddy fields split by tree-lined roads. Striking northwest and over two passes, finally dropping down to the mountain valley settlement of Mai Chau. Here we stay overnight with friends of the White Thai minority in a traditional stilt house. In the evening, after feasting, we can enjoy a cultural show of Thai dancing and a range of special local liquors.


Climb up to the peak of Mau Son mountain - visiting the Dong Dang 'Friendship Gate' on the Chinese border - Ban gioc waterfall - Pacbo cave - Babe lake - visit some village - trekking - home stay...

Hoa Lu - Tam Coc - Cuc Phuong - Phat Diem Cycling/ Bikking 3 Days 286$-396$

Cuc Phuong National Park- the biggest and the most diverse National Park in Vietnam with a huge variety of rare fauna and flora in the limestone mountain forest. The endangered Primates Rescued Centre is a perfect place to see many kinds of rare primates such as Langur, Gibbon and Loris all over Vietnam, many of them are under threat of extinction. Phat Diem Cathedral – the Center of Catholicism in North Vietnam - was built in 1891 with four roofs and six sets of iron wooden pillars. On both sides of the church are four smaller churches of different styles. The boat trip in Tam Coc is another opportunity to contemplate the beautiful countryside scenery of Vietnam and see the daily life on water of the Vietnamese in this region


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