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Hanoi City Tour

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Ha Noi City Tour 20$-45$

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, its political and cultural center. Such a statement, however, cannot do justice to what Hanoi has been a city begat by mythology, inspired by legends, a survivor of countless violent struggles and political intrigues, sustained on patriotism, ideology and the willful independence of its people. This is a city that has experienced an eventful millennium.

Duong Lam Ancient Village - Van Phuc Silk Village (FullDay) 35$-85$

Duong Lam ancient Village has been known as a museum of surviving laterite (red clay formed from weathered basalt found in northern Vietnam) with ancient houses aged up to 400 years old. After the recognition of Hoi An ancient town and Hanoi Old Quarter, Duong Lam was recognized as a national relic in 2005. Visiting Duong Lam is a journey to trace back the origin of Vietnam's culture and its traditions. It is also the great chance to experience unique architecture of ancient houses while wander along its narrow alleys, visit temples of the two kings born there, and chat with locals in their ancient houses.

Bat Trang Pottery Village (FullDay) 35$-85$
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Located in the middle of the Red River Delta, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, the center of culture, politics, economy and trade of the whole country.

Passing many decades of war, Hanoi has emerged a proud and resilient city, and is now both bustling and prosperous. Coming Vietnam, visitors should not miss out on a holiday in this low-rise city of lakes and peaceful parks. A pleasant, unhurried experience of exploring the historic Old Quarter with its arts and crafts bargains, and strolling the streets of the French Colonial sector are the highlights that Hanoi can offer. Travelers will quickly discover that the Vietnamese capital is full of ancient legends, incredible food and culture. Those with an interest in history will find endless sources of enjoyment, from the numerous landmark buildings to the plentiful museums detailing the city's past. Foodies will be thrilled at their chance to try truly unique cuisine.

Master Pagoda - Tay Phuong Pagoda - Mia Pagoda (1 Day) 45$-95$

Mia Pagoda, initially called Sung Nghiem Tu, is situated in Mia village, Ba Vi district, Ha Tay province. It was built during the Tran dynasty (1225-1406). The pagoda has 287 statues of all sizes, among which are famous sculptures such as the statue of Buddha in the Himalayas and the statues of Bat Kim Cang Bo (the Eight Vajra Deities). The largest one is the sculpture of Bat Bo Kim Cang located in the upper sanctuary. The pagoda preserves many ancient artifacts such as the great bell made in 1743, the bronze gong (1846) and Lady Mia stone tables, set up in 1632.

Master Pagoda (Thay Pagoda), one of the famous attractions in the vicinity of Hanoi, is also known as Thien Phuc Pagoda and is dedicated to the worship Sakyamuni Buddha and 18 Arhats. The pagoda is on the side of a mountain, surrounded by trees.

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